Arms Race

  Arms Race






Cold War


The Cold War was the period of conflict between the Untied States and the Soviet Union. The seeds of the Cold War were planted in 1917 when Vladimir Lenin and his communist party signed a peace treaty with Germany. This frightened the United States and its allies so much that the decided to do everything they could to stop the spread of communism. The allies of the United States were Western Europe, Japan, and Canada. A few of the Soviet Union's allies were Eastern Europe and China.   


Command Economy 


This economy was controlled by a central administration or the Soviet Union.  This is a kind of economy that has been planned. Command economy means that a state or government makes the decision on what products you make in factories. In a command economy the state or government also makes the decision on how the money is going to be distributed. In the Soviet Union during the time of the arms race, the government was so caught up in making military supplies and weapons that they forgot to make supplies like food, clothing, and shoes. During that period of time the people in the Soviet Union did not have very many items to choose from.



Mikhail Gorbachev 


Mikhail Gorbachev was born in March 2, 1931.  Mikhail faced a hard childhood life under the leadership of Joseph Stalin.  From 1946-1950, he worked  during the summers.  He was an assistant combine harvester operator at the farm in his area.  Mikhail Gorbachev had lived through World War II starting in August 1942. Mikhail Gorbachev is a Russian politician.  Mikhail is the last leader of the Soviet Union from 1985-1991. He was served as a president of the USSR in 1990-1991. Mikhail helped end the Cold War and dissolved the Soviet Union.  He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.



Military Technology 


Military Technology was used during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The United States and the Soviet Union used military technology and other weapons to see who could make the deadliest weapons and better technology.  The Arms Race started because we thought the Soviet Union would take over the world. The Soviet Union kept designing new missiles and new technology. Then later, the United States developed a guided missile that was very useful and we made more bombs. Once we made new bombs the Soviet Union then tried to make even better bombs, missiles, etc. Military technology was the trick for us to surivive the Arms Race.







Nuclear Arms Race 


The Nuclear Arms Race was a competition when United States and the Soviet Union made nuclear weapons during the Cold War. Other countries made weapons too, even though they were not involved in the Nuclear Arms Race. For example, there was an additional Nuclear Arms Race that was developed in India and Pakistan during the end of 1990's.


The first nuclear weapon ever made was created by the American Manhattan Project.  This nuclear weapon was used against the Axis Powers.  The Nuclear Arms Race was very dangerous and many people died.




Soviet Union


The Soviet Union started the arms race. The Soviet Union was a group of 15 states including Russia, the largest and dominant country in the world.  It's commonly known as the Socialist State that existed in Eurasia from 1922-1991.  Their flag is colored red with a hammer and a sickle. The Soviet Union was battling with the United States during the Cold War. 





The Arms Race


The Arms Race was portrayed in the book, The Butter Battle Book, by Dr. Seuss. In this book the Yooks and the Zooks were feuding over what side of the bread they put their butter on. They built up a wall which represented the Berlin wall and started feuding. The Yooks made good weapons to hurt the Zooks only to find out the Zooks had made the same weapons. Dr. Seuss showed that he thought the Arms Race was silly because in his book, the Arms Race was about what side of the bread you put your butter on. Most of Dr. Seuss' books are about a certain topic, but you have to interpret what the topic is.


The Arms Race started in World War II. The arms race was a menace and maybe the closest to having a nuclear war during the cold war. In reply to good guy diplomacy, the United States made army planes that could travel faster than the speed of sound. The Soviet Union then copied us. We built the same weapons as them and they built the same weapons as us. The Nuclear war was such a fear back then, that nuclear attack drills were as frequent in schools and businesses as fire drills are today. Some people even had shelters built in their backyards for this kind of event.


The Arms Race was a competition between the Soviet Union and the United States.  It's also used to describe any competition that does not have any goals. The Arms Race was basically a waste of time and money because no one used the weapons in the end. Both countries wanted to basically destroy eachother completely. The United States won the first nuclear Arms Race when they tested the first nuclear weapons. None of the countries used any of the weapons in fear that they would make the earth impossible to live on because of the damage that would be caused by using nuclear weapons. 



 This is a drawing of men running with bombs and weapons. (Arms Race)





The Peacekeeper Missile


The peacekeeper missile was a missile that was launched by the United States on Monday June 3, 2002 at precisely 1:50 PM. This missile was 70 (seventy) feet tall and weighed 198,000 pounds.  The peacekeeper missile (and other rockets) could carry up 10 re-entry vehicles with 300-kiloton W87 warhead. The peacekeeper missile is very strong, it has twenty-five times the power of the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.  The peacekeeper missile was the first missile that the United States launched during the Arms Race. The peacekeeper missile was a land-base. The United States created the peacekeeper missle in 1986.


This is a picture of the massive missile (peacekeeper missile)

that was launched on June 3, 2002.