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Burbling Questions

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Burbling Questions

All great scientists are constantly asking questions- they just can't stop thinking about what might happen next! We practice this skill when we add a 'Next Steps' section in our lab reports. This is where you write about what else you would like to try in a particular experiment.



Add some of your burbling questions here! What are you still wondering about? What would you like to test next? What do you think you'll find if you tried your test?!



Try the the five W's and H- Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? Also Will?



Paper Towel Lab

Will paper towels absorb clean water better than water filled with dirt and trash?

How would your results vary if you use different brands of paper towels instead of different shapes?

Will the paper towel absorb different liquids better than others such as......


- Soda?


- Meatball sauce?


- Wax?


- Doughnut Frosting?


- The orange goo inside pumpkins?


- Apple sauce?


- Orange juice?


- Hot Chocolate?


- Coffee?


- Smoothie?


If so how much? Would the paper towel last as long as it lasts while cleaning up water?



Density Lab

  • What would have happened if we didn't use food coloring and instead used another liquid to color it?
  • Instead of water inside the cup what about;

- Soda?


- lemonade?


- kool-aid? ( Or any other Drink Mix)


- Juice?


- orange juice?


- apple juice?


- mango juice?


  • Instead of salt what if we used

- Sugar?


- Baking Soda?


- Chocolate Mix?


  • What would happen if a _____ was in the cup if we poured the water in? How would this change our results?

- Straw?


- Ice Cube?


Would the layer at the top be affected?


Also, would the layer get larger if we added more liquid in afterwards?



Granny Prune Lab

  • What do you think it would be like if Granny Prune were to live in a warmer climate? Instead of Buffalo, New York... what about:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gal%C3%A1pagos_Islands-Quito, Ecuador


-Sydney, Australia


-Miami, Florida


-Athens, Greece


-Port Royal Jamaica




  • How would the final graph compare to our current one?
  • Would the location above or below the equator change the climate?

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