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This page will help you learn more about Eurasia and help you know what life is like in this place. Please read all information and explore through our pictures to better understand the way things were done in this place. Please check out our link's to further learn more about Eurasia.



About Eurasia


Eurasia is the world's largest landmass which covers about 54,000,000 square kilometers. The population of Eurasia has always been at an increase. The current population in Eurasia is at an estimate of 4,611,307,438, still increasing. Amazingly this is more than 70% of the total population. There are about 148,243 people in Russia.


How Eurasia got its name


   It is a group of countries in Europe and Asia who are combined sort of like a continent or a combination between the two.  Eurasia was formed 325 to 375 million years ago when Siberia was joined to Laurenti (Now North America). It is very interesting that many people consider eurasia their home and life also calling it the birth place of humanity itself. 




This picture shows which countries are part or Eurasia.



History On Eurasia


      The Silk Road sybolizes culture and trade linking Eurasia through history and has constantly becoming more acustom and important to the people. The history of Eurasia is actually apart of  four seprate coastal areas which are East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. These four different regions have adapted and shared cultural characteristics.




Physical Characteristics


     In Eurasia there are snow lepoards, and many other creatures hiding in the caves and hills of the areas. This area also has some of the tallest moutains in the world including the Himalayas which is where the largest mountain in the world is called, Mt. Everest.  Eurasia is mainly tundras, which means ice and snow. It is very cold in that area with a lot of mountains and caves. Eurasia also has natural gas, which is used to make  electricity.  It can be sold to other countries like Germany and the Czech Republic for a profit. In a recent study scientists have found that the area or landmass of Eurasia is to have the most resources in the world; making the large countries in eurasia have a lot of wealth and power over other countries.

     Eurasia is probably one of the most interesting places because it has some of the world's largest rivers in it such as the Danube River. This place is also very beautiful with the large mountains and plain ranges that vary from the entire area.  The Danube River provides water for the people surrounding it and it is a good source for transportation.  The length of the Danube River is 1,777 miles.  It empties into the Black Sea and starts in Brigach, Germany.


      If you go to Eurasia, you will find many strang foods and not very strange. One of the major foods for a Russian diet is bread. People add all kinds of stuff to bread, such as jelly of yogurt. There are fruits and vegetables at the market, and beef. It is hard for vegetables to grow because it is so cold. This would make it cost more.  Eurasia also uses rubbles for their money. Rubble is not worth as much as doller bills. 25 rubbles are worth bread.http://www.wwii-collectibles.com/toppage/p-money.html




This is a picture of the Danube and how it affects the people living around it


Members of Eurasia


    Some of the largest countries and republics in the world are apart of the euraisian campaign of peace and prosperity making it very popular for smaller countries to join and prosper. Some of the largest countries in the world include Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus. There are many other smaller countries surrounding these larger more influential countries such as Afganistan, and Cyprus



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Russian influence


    Without the country of Russia the existing Eurasia probably would not be as strong or inriched without it. Russia has always played a major roll as a leader because it was the largest country in Eurasia. Russia has not always made right decisons such as the USSR and communisum but, it today still is a world power not only because of its size but, because of its location and allies.


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I think you page was real good one thing i noticed was that you focused more on pictures than you did info. You could add stuff about the people who live in eurasia and there culture like how they had to addapt do to the conditions. It is still hard to belive that eurasia is mor than 70% of the population. Good Page.

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Hey guys, this wiki page is good, but not GREAT good. You had lots of good information, but you didnt have many descriptions. Your formatting was good, i didnt see any prolems there. A little repetetive in some places though. Like mr F said, a MAJOR weakness in your piece was that you had many spelling errors and very few links.

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you have an ok page. overall i would rate it a 3 only because you made a big error. your detail is great but the thing is that you dont have much info on russia. thats why its called the russia abc book. you dont have much to any spelling or grammar errors. next time to make it better, add more on russia!

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Your page is really good! You guys have a pretty good amount of information and pictures. But i would focus more on the content and less on the pictures. I like the bubble share a lot too. I like your format a lot too, but you could improve the format just a little. Keep up the good work!
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