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Line Graphs 


A line graph is used to show or change over time. On the X axis (the x axis is on the bottom of a graph) , you put the independent variable and on the Y axis (the y axis is on the left of a graph) , you put the dependent variable. Usually, a line graph is not the best graph to find exact numbers, because it is harder to read opposed to a bar graph. Here are two examples:



external image gpa_line_graph_large.gif


Bar Graphs 


A bar graph is used to compare two or more things.This graph is a good example, because it has a title, and it is labeled. To have a nice and neat bar graph you should include a title, labels, key, x-axis, and y-axis. Mostly you use a bar graph to measure animals, fruit, or any other items. Here is an example:


external image ft_final_exam_graph_1-17-02.jpg




Pie Graph 


A Pie graph shows you Percentages. You must make sure there are Percentages are there so the reader will know how much of what your testing has. Here is an example of one:


external image pie5.gif



external image piechart.png



What is needed to have a successful graph


There are many things needed to have a successful graph. For example, a title is important to have so that the reader knows what the data is about. Another thing a graph needs is a legend/key so the reader can identify what has been measured. Every graph has to have a date so that the reader knows when this data has been recorded. If you are making a line or a bar graph, you need to label your X and your Y axis so the reader knows what is measured and what the measurements are. A good graph also needs an author so that the reader knows who made it. It would also be good if your graph is neat and not smudged so it's easier for the reader to read the graph. You can remember some of these things will TALDOGS T- tittle, A- author, L- legend/key, D- date, O- origin, G- graph, S- scale. Those are some things to make your graph well written.




Point Graph 

A point graph is kind of like a line graph but dosent have a line going through the points. Instead a point graph has dots or points to where the measuerment of something. A point graph is not used as often as some other graphs but usally you use this graph in school more then other graphs.








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