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 In a time of tragedy and despair, many Russians and other Eastern Europeans (Caucasians, Kirghiz, Kazakhs, Mordovians, Uzbeks, and Ukrainians) suffered under the rule of the infamous communist dictator, Josef Stalin. During this time, millions of individuals were often wrongly accused of having "individualistic tendencies." In other words, they allegedly opposed the Soviet Union or its government. This often included political criminals and revolutionary leaders who disregarded Stalin. If not killed, these people were often sent to cruel forced labor camps called Gulags.



Josef Stalin 






Labor camps in Siberia were closed shortly after the Russian Revolution when the tsars ruled. However, these labor camps were reopened in the 1930's by Joseph Stalin when he came to power, and became known as Gulags. Literally, the word Gulag is an acronym for Glavnoye Upravleniye Lagere (translated in English, it means Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps), but many of its prisoners referred to it as "meat-grinder." These camps were located in the northern part of Russia in an area known as Siberia. Prisoners were often shipped to the camps in unheated cattle cars when the temperatures outside were well below freezing


Stalin's Gulags were held accountable for millions of unnecessary deaths. This number is greater than the number of Americans  that were killed in all of the United State's wars combined. During World War II, Gulag populations sank because of the mass releases of  prisoners for the war. After World War II, the population of Gulags rose again. In fact,  Joseph Stalin intentionally modeled his prisons to the concentration camps used by Adolph Hitler in World War II.


Interestingly enough, Stalin was particularly suspicious of foreign communists. Most of these communists were Jews from Germany, Hungary and Austria. Then in 1937, many of these people were arrested and shipped to Siberia by the NKVD secret police. Nikolai Yezhov was appointed as the head of police at the time. This secret police force's favorite method of catching "criminals" was to give them intense interrogation and  threaten to harm their family members and friends. This usually took a few days until the "criminal" finally agreed to confess he/she was attempting to overthrow the government.  


Even though Gulag camps were reduced in size after Stalin's death in 1953, forced labor camps still existed through out the Soviet Union. They went on until the Gorbachev era.



A Journey to a Gulag



Josef Stalin put people in Gulags not only because they offended him, but for numerous other reasons. As silly as it seems, Stalin would sometimes put them in Gulags for very petty crimes, such as stealing a potato or being late for work. After the people were accused of being a criminal, they started their long journey to a horrifying and unpleasant Gulag. They traveled there on unheated cattle cars or carriages, which was very harsh. The people who were traveling in them were stopped usually in deserted areas for inspections twice a day. This was when the prisoners had to get out of the carriages, line up, and get ready to be counted. The guards usually beat these peoples with a hammer, all because of pure spite.     


One other harsh condition in the carriages was food rations, which were very scarce. Some people say that depends on the mood of the guards. If the guard was feeling good, he might give them a bit more food. However, if a guard was in a bad mood, he would beat them if they even dared to ask. Some foods that were served in the cattle cars or carriages were, bread, fish, potatoes, porridge, and vegetables. There are many other hardships that the workers had to face. Some of them were inadequate clothing, overcrowded housing, poor hygiene, and insufficient health care. After the workers suffered the long and hard journey in the cattle cars/carriages, they reached their destination: a repulsive and deadly Gulag.






The majority of the time the inhabitants at these labor camps were Stalin's enemies. Hardly any of them were common criminals (murderers, robbers etc.) Most of the prisoners never had contact with their families or any explanation for their arrest. They just became Stalin's slave workers. These inmates were brutally treated, often slaving away for almost eighteen hours each day. Prisoners were put to work doing very strenuous tasks, such as mining copper and coal in dangerous mines and chopping down trees by hand in the Siberian forests.


In addition to working hard jobs in bitter cold temperatures, food rations were very little and the prisoners had to work under unsanitary conditions. Also, the prisoners received almost no clothing adequate for the harsh Siberian weather. As a result, many people died of the maltreatment, hypothermia, starvation, and illnesses. It is believed that approximately fifty million people died in Soviet Gulags during 1990-1950.



The Camps



When the prisoners were not working they were held in barbed wire fenced enclosures. Sleeping conditions were not pleasant, as the inmates were stored in cramped bunks that were far from sanitary. The food rations were quite inadequate compared to the work prisoners were forced to do and were often very skimpy. The prisoners were fed according to how much work they did that day. Prisoners were expected to fulfill the tasks given to them, which reflected the amount of food he or she received. Therefore many inmates sadly died of starvation.  Often times a meal consisted of once bowl of thin soup and a chunk of bread usually without any utensils to use. As you can see, life was extremely hard for people living in the Gulags.



Most camps were normal forced labored camps, however their were other varieties. Below are some of the different types of camps that were in the Soviet Union.



Sharashka At these camps Stalin's more prominent captives were assigned to work on scientific investigations for the Soviet Union. Prisoners were often treated better in these camps.
Psikhushka The word Psikhushka is a term for a psychiatric hospital. The inmates at these camps were mostly political prisoners, and the prisoners sent to hospitals to be isolated. 
Children's Camps These camps were specifically designed solely for children and women with babies.
Atomic Bomb Program

Specific groups of people were sent  to atomic bomb test facilities on Novaya Zemlya, Vaygach Island, Semipalatinsk to mine uranium ore and prepare atomic bomb tests. It's even said they were forced to decontaminate the testing sites. These camps were especially popular after Stalin died.




Women in poorly heated living conditions.



Kolyma: "The Land of Gold and Death "



By far, Kolyma was probably the best known labor camp, which was once maintained by the Soviet Union.  It was located in an area today known as Siberia but, it is actually know as the Russian Far East. Kolyma was an area that contained about one hundred camps, and was approximately six times bigger than France area wise. Approximately three million people have died here, not only because of the hard work they did but, for the ice cold temperatures. At Kolyma, the temperatures drop to -90 degrees Celsius during the winter. This cruel and horrible death of the people and the fact that there were large quantities of gold in the Kolyma region was the reason why it was often called "The Land of Gold and Death." 


Kolyma contained mostly men, who traveled there in long trains of red boxes. These trains went to the distant areas of Siberia. After they went in the trains, they traveled in fleets of ships to the hostile arctic land. One slave ship, The Dhzurma, traveled to Kolyma. This ship once had lost a whole boatload of prisoners when she got caught in howling winds and an early frost. At some other point, her human cargo perished in a fire! Anyway, when the prisoners reached Kolyma, the army or secret police put them to work from dusk till dawn. The camp was made to control supply, maintenance and jettisoning of the slave labor. Kolyma was indeed a place you did not want to go to!



The approximate location of Kolyma.



Present day 



What if every time you made a friendly joke about President George Bush, you got sent to a Gulag for ten years? That’s how we would be living right now, if Gulags still existed. Nowadays, we are only left with museums and books to remind us and help us reflect on what dreadful events took place in these dreadful places. One example is the Gulag Museum at Perm-36,  the first exhibition on the Soviet Gulag in the United States. There are also other places that show the ruins of some of the Gulags.


In efforts to commemorate those who died at the well known Soviet Gulag, Kolyma, the  Russian government made a memorial to dedicate the millions who died. They called it The Mask of Sorrow. This 15 meter high statue (approximately 49 feet tall) lies on top of a hill near Magadan, Russia . The statue portrays a stone face with tears shaped like masks. On the back of the mask, a crying woman and a headless man is carved. By climbing up the stairs, (located to the right) you can see a replica of a prison cell used by Stalin's prisoners. 



 This is a picture of The Mask of Sorrow.






Below are pictures of life in a Soviet Gulag.

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Additional information


External links:


          A general overview of Soviet Gulags.



          This site talks about the book, The Gulag Archipelago which tells testimonies by actual eyewitnesses living in the Gulags.



          This website has information on Soviet Gulags.



             This article talks about many Americans who were also killed in Soviet Gulags. 










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this was fantastic! I am so blown away! If we were to show this to the lefislate(if that is how you spell it) they would freak out. I would say I wanted to learn more about gulags but it seems like you have covered almost everything! I am so proud of you guys! PS: I thought the links to Joseph stalin were great. They are great because Joseph stalin played a big role in gulags and he should be mentioned a lot.

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Mr. F

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