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Michael Gorbachev

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 Michael Gorbachev  


    Michael Gorbachev was born on March 2, 1931, but  Michael Gorbachev's real name is Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. He was the last leader of the Soviet Union, serving from 1985 until the Soviet Union collapse in 1991. His attempts at reform helped to end the Cold War. He was the last president of the soviet union.



His Early Life

  Michael Gorbachev faced a tough childhood under the horrible leadership of Josef Stalin; his grandfather was sentenced to nine years in a gulag. Gulags are networks of labor camps. He lived through World War II which effected his young life in a strong way. From 1946 through 1950, he worked during the summers as an assistant combine harvester operator at the collective farms in his area. Gorbachev was great in the fields and in the classroom.


    He was one of the most intelligent students in his class. He had a great interest in history and mathematics. After he left his school he helped his father harvest a crop on his collective farms, because of this he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour, he was just 16 in 1947. It was rare for someone his age to be given something like that. It was this award, with his intelligence that helped make his place at Moscow University, where he studied law from September 1950. 



His life


     When he was living in Moscow, he met his future wife, Raisa Maksimovna Titarenko. On 25th September 1953 they married each other. He graduated in June 1955, then he moved to his home region Stavropol in Southern Russia. After graduating, he shortly worked in the Prokuratura (Soviet State Procuracy) before transferring to the Komsomol, or Communist Union of Youth.

     He served as First Secretary of the Stavropol City Komsomol Committee from September, 1956. Later moving  to the Stavropol Krai  Komsomol Committee, where he worked as Second Secretary from April 1958 and as First Secretary from March 1961.Regarded as a skilled technocrat and a reformer, Gorbachev joined (1978) the Communist party secretariat as agriculture secretary, and in 1980 he joined the politburo as the protégé of Yuri Andropov.


Political career 


    He  never intended to practice law, but he simply saw it as preparation for working in the Soviet Union (CPSU). That same year(1950) he became a candidate for the newest ruler. When he was living in Moscow, he met his future wife, a philosophy student Raisa Maksimovna Titarenko. He was the general secretary of the Communist party from 1985-1991.


 In 1985–1988, Gorbachev made relations with U.S. President Ronald Reagan better, with whom he signed an Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) arms limitation treaty in 1987. For his contributions to reducing East-West tensions, he was awarded the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize.  By 1990, however, Gorbachev's perestroika program had failed to deliver improvement in the economy, and the elimination of political. Social control had released latent ethnic and national tensions in the Baltic states.


  A new Congress of People's Deputies were created in 1989. They voted in March, 1990, to end the Communist party's control over the government and elected Gorbachev executive president. Gorbachev dissolved the Communist party, granted the Baltic states independence, and proposed a much looser,  economic federation to the remaining republics. With the form of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on Dec. 8, 1991, the federal government of the Soviet Union became superfluous, and on December 25, Gorbachev resigned as president. Since 1992, Gorbachev has headed international organizations; written several books, including On My Country and the World and run unsuccessfully in 1996 for the Russian presidency.




 Without Gorbachev Russia wouldn't exist. He brought The Soviet Union to rest (the collapse of the soviet) and then resigned from president. Which gave someone else a chance to take over and create Russia. If he didn't take over and resign or just took over The Soviet Union might still be here and Russia wouldn't be. But maybe it would have been a good thing. This one choice this man made affected the world in many ways. Who knows what it would be like to day if Russia didn't exist. This man made history and helped it in a way. 




Pictures and Bubbleshares




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Mikhail Gorbachev

  Micheal Gorbachev 





 Gorbachev in one-on-one discussions with U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

 Michael Gorbachev talking with Ronald Reagan





 Time magazine cover of January 4, 1988 featuring Gorbachev as Man of the Year.

 Time magazine cover of January 4, 1988 

 with Gorbachev as Man of the Year.


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Hey Guys, I think that this is a solid page that includes lots of interesting content. I know I wanted to learn more about Gorbachev...especially the award he won for farming....that sounds cool.

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