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Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method


Steps of the Scientific Method

  The first step You need using the scientific method is a problem statement. You need this first, becuase it tells the reader what you tested or what you were trying to find out. It also tells why you're doing the experiment.

The second step In your scientific method is your hypothesis. A hypothesis is a educated guess put into a sentence. It should be in for if, then, and because form.

The third step In the scientific method, you have to come up with the variables. There are two types of variables, the independent and the dependent variables. Constants are also in the third step of the scientific method. Constants are varibles that must be kept the same.

Constants- are the same amount of materials in your experiment. For example, you may want to use the same amount of water, or the same shape of something.

Independent vairiable- The idea you want to test.

Dependent vairiable-

The fourth step In the scientific method writng the materials. You have to list all the tools you used to do this experiment.

The fifth step In the scientific method is procedures. Procedures are all the steps you are going to conduct in your experiment. The measurements you took are also in your procedures.

The sixth step To the scientific is discuss. The discuss part of your method tells what happened in your experiment and why.

The seventh step Is conclusion. The conclusion part of your method explains if the experiment supported or failed to support your hypothesis. If your exiperimant doesn't support your hipothesis you might have to start over. If not, you'll be able to go to the next step!

The eighth step Is making observations with your experiment.

The ninth step Is graphing your data onto a graph. Remeber to use TALDOGS and maybe add your variables.


What does the Scientific Method do for us?

It helps us better understand the experiment we are conducting!  

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