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The State Legislature

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The State Legislature

On February 13, 2007, we will be visiting the North Carolina State Legislature to show off our podcast program and our classroom wiki.  We figured this would be a great time to get some information about how our state's government works from those who represent us! 


On this page, we're hoping that state Representatives and Senators will fill in our subheadings, teaching us about how our state's government runs.


Branches of Government in our State






House of Representatives













How Laws are Made






How Money is Raised and Spent






What are the Best Things about being a Senator or Representative?

The best thing about serving in the General Assembly is the opportunity to meet the folks I work for.  I represent part of Raleigh and my constituents are wonderful people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  It helps me do a better job if I can get to know them better.  Rep. Grier Martin







What are the Hardest Things about being a Senator or Representative?


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