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Time Zones

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Time Zones




Place Offset from GMT
United States - California -8hrs
United States - Missouri -6hrs
UK 0hrs
Spain +1hr
Kuwait +3hrs
Saudi Arabia +3hrs
UAE +4hrs




Above are the different time zones located and scatered across the world. Location in the world has very much to do with your time zones. Also time zones are determined by longitude and latitude. What they are is a form of lines used to pinpoint a exact location.



Time shifts up and down between a time called day light savings time. Before the use of time zones people used  solar time .   Back before time was measured digitally it was measured by a sun dial, which ralates back to solar time.  On a more modern note time today is measured on  analog clock, or a digital clock.  The analog clock measures time with three hands, the shortest is the hour hand, the longer hand measures minutes, and the skinner one is seconds.



Russia's Time

Have you ever wondered what time it is in another country?  Well, here's an example;  if it were one thirty five pm time (Russia), in Riga, the time in Uelen Russia would be eleven thirty five am. Since Russia is the largest country in the world, it's time zones are divided into eleven differrent time zones! In other words, some cities on different ends of Russia will have different time zones. Not only do the states  that are on opposite sides of the country have different time zones, but states right next to each other could have a difference in time zones. For example Salekhard and Vorkuta, are very close together and have a different time zones , and yet they are about an hour off from each other. I belive Russia today is a very well developed country, and as time goes on I think Russia may use different methods of measuring time zones. Like maybe winter savings time, or some other crazy idea. My point is that as long as time goes on, change will happen too all things including time zones.





 (Above is a picture of  a sun dial)

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Place   From GMT
Russia-Omsk          +3
Russia-Tula            0
Russia-Khabarovsk          +7
Russia-Anadyr          +9


Longitude and Latitude

Every time zone is determined by invisible lines that run across the earth, these lines in which I speak are longitude and latitude. Another invisable line across the earth is known as the Equater. This line shows where the heat of the earth is hotter, and where it is colder.  As you can see on the photo below, the lines above the equater are the Latitude, and the lines that are below the equater are the Longitude. The equater splits them apart, so then you can tell which is which. You can also see that the Latitude is horizontal lines and the Longitudinal lines are vertical.  Notice  on  a standard map that gives the longitude and latitude, the numbers used to mark the lines are numbered with north and south. For example Berlin, Germany is located on  at 30 N, and 25 E.



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Uses For Time Zones In Russia

During the reign of the Soviot Union, or any other time for that matter, time zones would have been useful in the following ways. For example, the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin would have used time zones to plan milatary strategies. Also, he could have used the different time zones to manage all of the  Gulags stationed around Russia. I believe if it was possible,  that even a peasant or average person during the time of the Soviot union would have used time zones to manage work, travel, and seeing which areas had the most food.   That would have been very useful since food was so hard to come by during that time.  By the way, did you know that time zones weren't used in the United States until trains and transportation had developed, I believe this was the same reason that Russia started using time zones.  Once people could travel to different places faster, then they had to come up with new methods to keep up with time.  In other words another uses for time zones in Russia will have to keep up with it's fast moving economy, but only time will tell. 






















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Mr. F

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