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Ural Mountains

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About the Ural Mountains





 Ural Mountains

The Ural Moutains cut through north and south of the Russian territory in the western region.The Ural Mountains are also defined as the "Stone Belt". Another term used for the Ural Mountains is the "Natural Border" intersecting with Russia and Europe. The Ural Mountains were named after a tribe called the "Uralians". The Ural Mountains are about 250 million years old and their largest capital is called Yekaterinburg. Since the Ural mountains are so big, it was divided into three groups. They are the Southern, Middle, and Northern Urals.



 This is a day view of the Ural Mountains.      This is a photo of the Artic Ural Mountains.



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The pictures above are map views of the Ural Mountains.


Southern Urals


The Southern Urals are near Orsk a city and Ural lake. The Southern Urals are 1,200 meters high. The Southern Urals also have a lot of plains. The highest peak in the Ural Mountains is called Gora Yamantau. The countries that the Ural Mountains intersect are Russia and Kazakhstan. Some states in or on the Ural mountains are Bashkortostan, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Tatarstan, Samara, Ul’yanovsk and Kurgan. The area of the Ural Mountains is 188,508 sq mi. The length of the Ural Mountains is 443 miles North-South and 729 miles East-West. The center of the Ural Mountains is at 52° 44' North Latitude and  57° 9' East longitude.



 Middle Urals


The Middle Urals are near the city Serov, and is 1,000 meters high. The land is full of forests. This land is also one of the most populated areas of the Ural Mountains. One of the big reasons why the Middle Urals are so popular is because in Eastern Russia and Siberia people migrated through some of this land. The only river in the Ural Mountains is named the Chousovaya River. 


Northern Urals


The Northern Urals are reconized as the "subrange". The subrange is 130,647 square miles. There are plateaus in the Northern Urals along with some swampy lowlands. The subrange is near the Artic Sea. The Northern Urals do not have a trees sourrounding them. On the very top of the Ural mountainssome of them have names. They are called the: Sablya, Telpoz-Iz, and Isherim. These names are in  the Russian.



Russian flag with eagle


This is the Russain flag, also the Northern Urals, Middle Urals, and Southern Urals' flag too.

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Great wiki page. I was interested to read the whole thing after reading the first paragraph. I liked the facts you told about the mountains. I also think your page has a nice look to it, the pictures and the bubble shares. You maybe could have put a little more info on it like a interseting facts subtitle. I would rank your page out of 100 a 92%. Great Job!!!!

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~Kelly C.

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You guys had very nice formating but you had way to much pictures and not enough information.

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you did a nice job of telling the significance of the mountains and russia. you have a good amount of information but i think you need to back off a little on the pictures!

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Malcolm H. This deserves a two because, the formatting is wrong and there were too many pictures. There was some good information but not enough detail.

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I thought this page had outstanding formatting! Your subtitles, layout and font are all terrific and really made looking at your page enjoyable. I also liked that someone carefully proofread for spelling errors...because I don't think I see any mistakes. Your content was confusing in some places though....One example was in your section on the Middle Urals. You wrote: "The Middle Urals are filled with forests because it looks like a big plain." Plains have hardly any trees!

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