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Wave Analogies

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Wave Analogies

So one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary is to make analogies that compare your word with something else you know.  We've done this a bunch on our wiki, making Earth Analogies and Middle Ages Analogies


Now, show how creative you are by sharing analogies for wave words like diffraction, reflection, refraction, frequency, amplitude, wavelength and medium.  Use Heading 3 for your and Normal font for your paragraph describing the strengths and weaknesses of your analogy.


Also, be sure to add to or revise the analogies added by your classmates!  The best wikis involve revising and editing one another's work.   




 Reflection is like Tigger


Reflection is like Tigger because when Tigger would hop up and down on his tail, he would hit the ground and bounce back up in a different direction. Tigger is very much like a wave. When a wave can't go through something then it will bounce off it and go in a different direction. Also like waves, Tigger repeats the procedure over and over again. However, there is a weakness because there is no opposite force for Tigger!




Reflection is like kids playing Wall Ball


Reflection is like kids playing wall ball because because reflection is when a wave bounces off something. When you play wall ball one person takes the ball and bounces it off a wall. The other player has to hit it back to the wall. Another reason why wall ball is like reflection is because waves bounce off something and in wall ball the ball bounces off the wall. That is why reflection is like playing wall ball is an good analogy.



Diffraction is like a person sking down a hill


This is a good analogy because when a person is sking down a snowy hill, the skier has to direct him or herself away from the trees, and with diffraction the waves direct themself away from the obstical like when a person is dodging trees.  Its a bad example because when your ski down a hill you never spread out like what diffraction does.




Reflection is like the walls of a pool


The walls of a pool are like when waves reflect because when the water wave strikes the wall of the pool, they bounce back in the form of reflection. In this case, the barrier that gets in the way of the water wave is the wall of the pool. Since the walls of the pool are so far apart, if you or something creates a wave, it is likely the wave will bounce off the first wall, start moving in the opposite dirrection, lose energy, and disappear. It is very likely the wave will never reach the other side of the pool.














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