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Wiki Rules

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Using a Wiki

Using a wiki is remarkably easy. Simply visit one of the pages on our site, click on the "Edit this Page" button from the top left hand corner of the screen and start typing! You can add new information to sections that have already been started, delete or correct inaccurate information posted by another classmate, upload pictures and create links to additional resources that you find on the web.


A few things to remember:


  1. Using a wiki requires you to act responsibly: Posting inaccurate or inappropriate information on purpose cheapens our wiki! Intentionally hurting someone else's feelings or "vandalizing" their writing is also irresponsible and unacceptable. Respecting the ideas and work of others is a skill you can learn through our wiki!
  2. Using a wiki requires you to be a careful thinker: Always proofread the work that other people have posted. If it is inaccurate, or if you can think of a better way to say things, feel free to revise it! Everyone is an editor in a wikispace. It is our job to make sure that the information that we are creating together is accurate and interesting to read.
  3. Using a wiki requires you to practice Internet safety: Our wiki is private. That means the only people who can edit it are Pink Panther students. To keep it safe and private, you must never share your login and password information with anyone except your parents!

A few rules about our wiki:


  1. Students are not allowed to create new pages: For right now, if new pages need to be created, Mr. Ferriter will create them. If you have a suggestion for a new page, be sure to tell Mr. Ferriter. He can create them quickly and easily.
  2. We don't want funky font colors or sizes: Our wiki is dedicated (right now) to informational text...and informational text doesn't include all kinds of art and fart! Let's use the default fonts that automatically load when you're typing on a page.
  3. Fill in Mr. Ferriter's subtitles...and add your own: On every new page, Mr. Ferriter will post some subtitles to start with. Begin by adding what you learn to these subtitles. If you have ideas about subtitles that could be added to each page, you may create them. They are in "Heading 2" size.
  4. Signing your edits is required: Whenver you make a change to a page, you must sign your edit by typing your name in the box at the bottom of the edit window titled, "Optional: a note about this edit for the page history log."


Let's have fun and learn about this wiki stuff together!



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Anonymous said

at 11:28 am on Apr 25, 2007

I accidentally edited your Wiki Rules, but I think I changed it back. Thank you for letting us in!
-Teacher from Centennial

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