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World War I

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                                           World War I                                               



"Yet, it was more than just a war between nations. It was a war between what is and what was to be. The "old world" was dying, and the new world had yet to be born. People of all classes and nations saw it as some great cleansing fire that would accelerate this battle and lead to a better world. But, when it was over, more than men had died in the mud of the battlefields. The naive dreams of progress, along with the innocence of the pre-war world, faith in God, and hope in the future all died in the trenches of Europe."



-Tony Novosel







Importance to Russia

In World War one, the importance Russia played was to Serbia. They had a huge alliance with Serbia and. One of the only reasons Russia joined the War was to help the Allied Powers. Russia also had a huge alliance with Germany, but Germany surprised the World and invaded Russia. The invasion of Russia made the Russians angry and then the alliance between them broke.

   After a while of fighting Russia dropped out of the War. They dropped out so they can focus on their own mini war. To end World War 1, the U.S, United Kingdom, and the Russia, had a confrence called the Yalta Confrence. Russia said that they were bigger and stronger then all the countries fighting in the war. Everyone in the Yalta Confrence knew that Russia was better and stronger. In the end joining the War made Russia even stronger, because in the Yalta Confrenece everyone decided that Russia can take over most of the balkan Countries. The USA and UK said you can do whatever you want to the Balkan Countries as long as you dont touch us! So in the end Russia became stronger, all because of World War 1.



Allied power and Central powers

 World War 1 was known as first world war , the Great War, and the War to End All Wars. It lasted from 1914 - 1918. In the war there were to main parts. They were the Allied Powers, led by France, Russia, the British Empire, and later, Italy and the United States, and Central Powers. Which was led by Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire.

  The Allied Powers won the war. Russia was a big help to the Allied Powers, because they had the strongest and best army of all the Countries who were fighting. Russia's army was never intimidated by anyone. That's how they helped the Allied powers win the war.




 Cause of the war and after the War

The war started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist. Others say it started from broken alliances like how Germany broke there alliance with russia, because they attacked them. It could have started from both ways. Whatever way it started from, I wish we could have prevented it! The two Countries that actually started the War was Serbia and Austria-Hungary.

   Once the War was finished people started painting pictures, singing songs, making books, making quotes,etc all about the war. Some of the things made and created after the War we still have today. We used some of the items to study about what happended during the War. Although the art and literature after the war was great, there was also depression and invasions. Depression and invasions are awful so in a way after that War was a terrible time.



Going into the War

The reason Russia joined the War was to help their alliances Serbia. Austria-Hugary declared War on Serbia, because they accused Serbia of killing the  Austrian Archduke and attacked Serbia. Once Russia heard that the War was starting and that Serbia needed some help they joined right away. In the end Serbia very much apreciated Russia's help.

    When Russia joined the war they had the biggest and strongest army of them all. They first started off with 1,400,000 soliders fighting for them. However, as the War progressed they had over 5,000,000 soliders fighting. Russia had a lot of soliders, but they were not able to put them all in to fight. When the war first started they had a supply of 4.6 million riffles. When Russia joined the War their military leader was General Sukhomlinov and he made his commander in cheif Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich. Together they lead Russia into fighting World War 1.



Where was the fighting?

Mostly all of the fighting took place in all diffrent Countries in Europe. Although most of the fighting did take place along the Westen Front. The Western Front goes from the Northern Border of France to northeastern Belgium . They set-up many trenches in the Western Front and called the trenches no man's land! Another common fighting area in the war was the Eastern Front. Northeastern Poland, Italian front, the Alps in Croatia, and Tyrolia where some not to commonly used fighting areas.


 The End of the War


The fall of the Central Powers came quickly. The war continued until the sighing of the Treaty of Versailles  Germany was to pay 33 billion dollars for the damage they have done. During the sighing sadly Harry Truman caught the flu which cause the other countries to decide on the expenses of Germany ( if he haden't the flu there would be no WW2). Russia however during the sighing said that we take all the countries west of us (see map) and you say nothing or we take over you. So Russia took over all of the countries that they agreed on. The German expenses led tho the next WWI (or WW2).



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 is a good video all about World War 1. You have to view this video at home because it will not come up at school.)








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